Orca Tracker

This is a very cool Google Earth tracker that pinpoints news and information related to captive and wild orcas. Click the image to go to the tracker and explore the history of orcas:

To suggest links and additions to the tracker send us an e-mail, or leave a Comment below.

1 Response to Orca Tracker

  1. Jodi says:

    Just wanted to inform you of a new killer whale research organization off of California.

    Naked Whale Research (NaWhaRe) encourages individuals and marine researchers alike to actively take part in helping create public awareness concerning threats to the long-term survivial of the Endangered Southern Resident killer whales, known as J,K, and L pods that frequent waters off the coastal Northwest Pacific. We are currently interested in killer whale sightings between Vancouver Island Canada and Farallone Islands, California. If anyone sees fins please call us toll-free at 855-SEE-FINS.

    We are also soliciting votes. NaWhaRe has two proposals entered into the Pepsi Refresh November grant cycle. One is to help us build a whale research center in Mendocino, CA and the other is to flesh out our existing whale sighting network. The number one voted project receives $250,000. We’d appreciate your vote, once per day. (Please only use 1 email account.)

    Follow the links below to vote online or in the USA you can also vote from your mobile phone by sending texts 104208 and 103515 each to Pepsi (73774)



    Feel free to forward this email to any of your contacts lists in an effort to help spread the word.

    Thank you!

    JC Smith, M.Sc.
    Director, Naked Whale Research
    (707) 267-8587C

    “Dedicated to filling in the information gap on killer whale habits along the west coast from Vancouver Island to Monterey Bay.”

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