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SeaWorld Former Trainers Tell OSHA Spare Air Is No Solution

OSHA’s citation of SeaWorld suggests that some sort of air supply system could be used to allow waterwork to resume between SeaWorld’s trainers and the park’s killer whales. But a group of former trainers has approached OSHA to make clear … Continue reading

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What It’s Like To Be Banned From SeaWorld’s Facebook Page

It’s not uncommon for SeaWorld to take down comments, or ban commenters, from its Facebook fan page if it doesn’t like what’s being said. But it is nevertheless an interesting experience. In case you have never been banned yourself, this … Continue reading

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Sumar Dies

One of the problems for orcas in captivity is that they tend to die young. So it was sad, but not surprising, to hear of the death of 12-year old Sumar at SeaWorld San Diego earlier this week. Here’s part … Continue reading

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Is This the Beginning of the End for Killer Whale Shows?

This past week we have seen a number of developments that may spell the end for the marine mammal park “entertainment” industry as we now know it. SeaWorld, Orlando finds itself under fire from Federal Agencies, former employees and witnesses … Continue reading

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SeaWorld Obstructing Federal Safety Probe in Trainer Death?

SeaWorld’s ex-safety chief Linda Simons claims gross negligence led to the horrific drowning of orca trainer Dawn Brancheau by┬ákiller whale Tilikum in February. Amidst the probe into the attack, Ms Simons claims she was fired for cooperating with federal OSHA … Continue reading

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Could “Spare Air” Save Marine Park Trainers During Orca Attacks?

There has been a lot of chatter and rumor that SeaWorld is working on personal SCUBA air systems for its trainers, and is hoping that OSHA–if SeaWorld adopts this technology–will allow trainers to continue to work in the water with … Continue reading

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OSHA vs. SeaWorld: A Case Study Of DC In Action

This week, OSHA was on the verge of releasing its detailed investigation of SeaWorld and its practices following the February 24 death of trainer Dawn Branchea, who was pulled into the pool by SeaWorlds largest orca, Tilikum, and thrashed to … Continue reading

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