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SeaWorld Former Trainers Tell OSHA Spare Air Is No Solution

OSHA’s citation of SeaWorld suggests that some sort of air supply system could be used to allow waterwork to resume between SeaWorld’s trainers and the park’s killer whales. But a group of former trainers has approached OSHA to make clear … Continue reading

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Orca Playground

We mostly hear about killer whales serving as amusement for people. So it’s nice to come across a story where humans appear to serve as the entertainment for an orca (via Candace Calloway Whiting’s blog). The beauty of this interaction … Continue reading

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Orcas and Salmon

Ken Balcomb, of the Center For Whale Research, explains to Carl Safina, of the Blue Ocean Institute, how the decline of the northwest salmon population is affecting the future of Puget Sound’s killer whales. Very moving.

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What It’s Like To Be Banned From SeaWorld’s Facebook Page

It’s not uncommon for SeaWorld to take down comments, or ban commenters, from its Facebook fan page if it doesn’t like what’s being said. But it is nevertheless an interesting experience. In case you have never been banned yourself, this … Continue reading

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Sumar Dies

One of the problems for orcas in captivity is that they tend to die young. So it was sad, but not surprising, to hear of the death of 12-year old Sumar at SeaWorld San Diego earlier this week. Here’s part … Continue reading

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Lonely Life Of Tilikum

There is an excellent new blog called “The Orca Project.” The author recently spent two days at SeaWorld Orlando observing Tilikum to try and see how isolated his life is in the aftermath of the Dawn Brancheau tragedy. The reality … Continue reading

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